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SMARTlab is an academic collective created to ignite change

SMARTIab promotes user-driven, transdisciplinary research, leveraging Creative Technology Innovations for social change.

For three decades, SMARTIab has run an award-winning practice-based PhD programme and delivered high-impact research, development and innovation programmes and projects. SMARTIab aims to bring together the brightest minds across disciplines and to provide them with the tools they need to contribute to solving real-world problems and building sustainable solutions.

We provide world-class research and incubation space and offer a brain trust for academic staff, practice-based PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers, transdisciplinary teams spanning the Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, Connected Public Health and Business Innovation domains, alongside private and public sector partners.

Role within Screen4Care

Lead- Work Package 5-Co-Design and Launch of a Meta Symptom Checker for Rare Diseases using open source tools and supporting patient-facing engagement including virtual health clinics and educational games for specific demographics

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Photo of PI- Professor Lizbeth Goodman
PI- Professor Lizbeth Goodman