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Founded in the year 2000, the Eurice - European Research and Project Office GmbH - provides comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of large international collaborative projects. Eurice has been involved in EU-Framework Programmes since FP4 and has been supporting researchers in over 250 EU funded projects to date. Today, Eurice is among Germany‘s largest project management offices, with a dedicated team of 40 staff members with different professional and scientific expertise, such as law, medicine, biology, chemistry, communications, information sciences, or computer sciences. In addition to classical project management, Eurice helps to develop and implement coherent IP strategies and supports consortia through dissemination, networking, training, and capacity building activities.

Role within Screen4Care

BM has several roles in separate WPs of Screen4Care project:

Analysis of the Regulatory Environment for ML-based screening technologies:

Completing a guideline for regulatory strategy, based on the regulatory environment for ML-based diagnostics tools under the MDR/IVDR framework, which enables subsequent WPs to perform compliance control, while developing and implementing their programmes and providing a reasonable safety assurance and efficiency.

Investigation of patient perspective and stakeholder preference assessment:

Ensuring adoptability and acceptance of the developed tools by the relevant stakeholders (incl. patients), their engagement through interdisciplinary ideation and design thinking workshops with relevant stakeholders.

Performing literature review on preferences/ expectations/ attitudes/ experience, etc. regarding genetic newborn screening (NBS) for rare diseases and participation in the process of elicitation of preferences of families, healthcare professionals and policy makers.

Formulation of recommendations to Public Health Authorities:

Creating recommendations based on Cost-effective analysis (CEA) of AI-based algorithms and disseminating the results to local and pan-European patient’s organizations and Public Health Authorities.

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Main contacts

Photo of Aneta Piperkova
Aneta Piperkova
Project Leader
Photo of Gergana Kyosovska-Peshtenska
Gergana Kyosovska-Peshtenska
Deputy Project Leader, Scientific Information Expert
Photo of Boryana Gerasimova
Boryana Gerasimova
Patient Advocacy Expert
Photo of Dr. Dimitar Georgiev
Dr. Dimitar Georgiev
Research and Innovation Expert