Genoox uses the power of the community to make genomic data actionable, with a mission of creating the largest real world evidence network of genomic and clinical data. Genoox’s cloud-based AI platform connects clinicians, genetic counsellors, and healthcare organizations to create a network effect by sharing genetic insights, enabling platform users to make impactful discoveries using the most advanced genomic tools and applications. Genoox is used by over 1,700 health organizations, hospitals and medical facilities in 44 markets across the globe

Role within Screen4Care

Within the Screen4Care project, Genoox will be focused on work package 3 which includes supporting the design of the NBS panel and data interpretation from raw data to generation of clinical report. Genoox will develop a dedicated bioinformatics pipeline which will support challenging regions and variants such as SMN1/2 and Copy Number Variants. Genoox AI Prioritization Engine will be used for the interpretation of genetic information (tertiary analysis), prioritization and classification of variants. Results analysis will be provided to the different stakeholders through Franklin, our genetic community platform.

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