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The University of Bern sees itself as a comprehensive university in the tradition of European universities. Its faculties comprise those of theology, humanities, human science, law, social science, economics and business, medicine, veterinary medicine, and natural sciences. The University of Bern bases its disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary foci on academic interests and societal needs. The University aspires to be the most important regional institution generating independent knowledge and promoting sustained value creation for the economy of the Canton of Bern.

The KPM Center for Public Management is an interfaculty centre of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Social Sciences. The Center comprises around 40 staff members dedicated to research at the intersection of public administration, management, law, and health care.

Role within Screen4Care

The experts of the KPM Center for Public Management contribute their regulatory know-how and expertise on reimbursement and funding processes in health care to Screen4Care, particularly as task leader of Task 1.7: Analysis of funding and reimbursement environment for ML-based screening technologies. In project management terms, UBERN is leading Work Package 1: Understanding the business and regulatory framework for rare disease screening in Europe. In addition, UBERN is a member of the Ethics, Legal, and Safety Team, a soft board solving potential issues of legal and ethical nature within the project.

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