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Uppsala University (UU) is a complete research university with all faculties represented and education on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) is an inter-faculty centre with 30 staff. CRB is a multi-disciplinary research environment with both senior and junior researchers from ethics, philosophy, law, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, genetics, neuroscience and other fields. CRB’s research is focused on bioethics, clinical ethics, and research ethics, with Biobanks, registries and data management as a distinct strategic research area. Special competence in questions related to the handling of personal data and health preference studies.

Role within Screen4Care

UU will examine preferences of parents involved in newborn screening and phenotype screening. We will also examine effects and impact of screening for empowerment of patients and parents.

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Photo of Prof. Mats Hansson
Prof. Mats Hansson
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Dr Sylvia Martin
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Dr Åsa Grauman
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Dr. Jorien Veldwijk